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Munster Fire & Sound 

Munster Fire and Sound are a Specialist Distribution company that offers the building industry vast product choice combined with in-depth technical expertise. We distribute thermal, acoustic and fire protection insulation products and associated materials. Our products are suitable for application across the full range of floor, wall and roof requirements


We work with the key players in the construction industry. Designers seek our technical advice at the early stages to ensure the right solutions are specified. Contractors and project managers continuously return to Munster Fire and Sound to access our vast product range and expert unbiased opinion. We also supply leading merchants that work with us because we are reliable and deliver on time and to budget.

Quietstone AQUAFIRE® is a fibre-reinforced lightweight cement fire board. AQUAFIRE® is extremely lightweight, non-combustible (class A1), highly insulating, water resistant.


It does not decay, deform, flake or crumble and it does not deteriorate in the presence of water. AQUAFIRE® is an exceptional and resistant support for the application of ceramic tiles, glass mosaics, brick coverings or any other type of covering. 


Aquafire fire board is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications – including external building cladding. It is also ideal for demanding environments like sauna, swimming pool or marine applications. 

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Quietstone Light is a rigid, durable acoustic panel made from recycled glass.This also means that like many of our products it has a low carbon footprint.These acoustic panels are suitable for interior and exterior uses especially where an element of impact resistance is required.


The panels comes in pre cut sizes but can also be easily cut or shaped on site. Quietstone Light can be pigmented or treated with a range of finishes to suit your individual requirements.


As well as being a magnificent sound absorbing product our acoustic panels are non combustible, chemically inert and non fibrous. Panels can be either mechanically fixed with screws or detailed fixings or bonded with our own tile adhesive.   

For more information check out the online brochure: 

Quietshapes are one of the most versatile and hard wearing acoustic tiles available.  Ideal for use on ceilings or walls inside or outside.  This range of acoustic tiles can be manufactured to your exact specification, any size, shape or colour enabling you to create a unique and stunning feature. 


Manufactured using our specially developed high performance acoustic material these tiles have great sound absorbing properties while also being robust, hard wearing and easy to work with.  


A wonderful acoustic wall design. Excellent for office acoustics, reception areas, call centres, restaurant areas, nightclub acoustics, retail and many other applications. We can produce bespoke acoustic tiles in a colour and shape to meet your design requirements. 

For more information check out the online brochure: 

Quietspray is one of the best acoustic treatments on the market. It can be applied to the ceiling area of a room where it absorbs sound and reduces reverberation. This seamless acoustic ceiling improves the clarity of sound, making it an ideal solution for theatres, schools, conference facilities and other spaces where good acoustics is important.

The Quietspray system is our very own Quietstone Light boards together with acoustic plaster. This specially formulated acoustic plaster is developed specifically to be applied to Quietstone Light boards.


Our seamless acoustic ceiling system is finished with acoustic plaster which gives a completely seamless finish thus transforming the aesthetes in your room. 

For more information check out the online brochure: 

Quietstone CFB is a reinforced panel which has an alkali-resistant glass fiber mesh ( 5mm x 5mm). Quietstone CFB is a non-combustible board and conforms to construction material class A1.


Quietstone CFB boards are water and fire resistant and can be used in bathrooms, wet rooms, swimming pools and also as an external render carrier.

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